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Business momentum – build a wave and ride it!

It’s a great feeling when business is good. Maybe you’ve had a small win, and that leads to another win, and before you know it you’re riding a wave that shows no signs of breaking.

But momentum is a fragile thing – when the wave breaks, your momentum comes to a grinding halt and in a split second you could be eating sand as everything comes crashing down around you.

Here’s why momentum is important to your business, how you can build it and, more importantly, how you can sustain it. Building business momentum.

Business plans – the good, the bad and the ugly

A good business plan provides a step-by-step guide for the way you want your business to operate over the coming year or more, and it should direct every decision you make going forward.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits all formula, but there are some definite do’s and don’ts that can help you create a plan that fits your business and serves its purpose.

Here’s our guide to writing a business plan that works.

Quotes to inspire

“Success is like a snowball … it takes momentum to build and the more you roll in the right direction the bigger it gets.”
Steve Ferrante

“People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed and the more they find a way to succeed.”
Tony Robbins

“The amount of effort needed at the start pales in comparison to what your momentum can ultimately produce in the end.”
Lincoln Patz

“One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.”
Michael Korda

“When you’re that successful, things have a momentum, and at a certain point you can’t really tell whether you have created the momentum or it’s creating you.”
Annie Lennox

“Keep moving ahead because action creates momentum, which in turn creates unanticipated opportunities.”
Nick Vujicic